Brain Oxygenation during Prehospital Anesthesia

BOPRA is a nationwide prehospital study exploring the cerebral oxygenation, measured with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), of patients undergoing prehospital anesthesia, and its association with their subsequent recovery. The study is carried out with a new NIRS monitoring device designed especially for prehospital care. In the future, NIRS monitoring might help provide even more individual and high-quality prehospital care to the patients.

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Probably the biggest clinical prehospital study in Finland

BOPRA is an investigator-driven study carried out in cooperation of FinnHEMS Research and Development Unit, university hospital districts, Lapland hospital district and several universities of applied sciences. The study is mainly funded by FinnHEMS R&D Unit but it has also received some funding from Helsinki University Hospital. No funding is received from the manufacturers and the study group members have no conflicts of interest.


Anesthesia and rapid sequence intubation are some of the most essential procedures performed by Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in Finland. Participation in a clinical study may help develop the treatment of critically ill or injured patients. 

Our ultimate goal is to develop patient monitoring modalities and thus improve the care of patients.