Promising start to the pilot study

BOPRA pilot study was launched with success at Vantaa and Oulu HEMS bases on May 20th2019. The beginning looks promising: within the first four weeks the two units treated in total 35 patients meeting the inclusion criteria (adult patients with sedation or anesthesia provided to facilitate endotracheal intubation, performed by HEMS team) and 28 of these patients were monitored successfully. 

A hundred study patients will be recruited during the pilot study.

The large-scale main study is supposed to begin in November 2018 in all Finnish HEMS units.

More information:

Principal investigator Jouni Nurmi
FinnHEMS Research and Development Unit / Helsinki University Hospital
p. 050 595 1576

Project Manager Anna Olkinuora
FinnHEMS Research and Development Unit
p. 0400 237 211